• Phone: 01952 794 796
  • Email: Enquiries@ScottRM.co.uk

The ScottRM mentoring programme offers planning and support for individuals looking to develop and progress in their careers. The programme includes:

  • Training and development plan creation – tailored to help you achieve your own specific goals
  • Regular reviews – keeping you on track
  • Tutoring – to help you with course completion. This has been particularly beneficial for individuals that are completing training courses via distance learning providers
  • Telephone and email support from qualified and knowledgeable experts – perfect to help you get a second opinion on any workplace queries that arise
  • Sourcing of training providers and access to negotiated discounts
  • Access to the knowledge centre – containing supporting information, newsletters, upcoming legislation changes and impacts, and more
  • Mentored individuals also receive preferential rates for training delivered by the ScottRM team

This annual service is available for £200 + VAT. Limited availability, as we make sure we can provide an attentive service to our mentored partners.