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On site training
On site training
On site training
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SRM Training takes a unique and refreshing approach to on-site training, prioritising engagement, enjoyment, and lasting impact. Our trainers are dedicated to ensuring that participants receive a meaningful learning experience that goes beyond traditional methods of instruction. Here’s an overview of our approach:
Engaging and Enjoyable Learning
At SRM Training, we firmly believe that effective learning doesn’t have to be dull or monotonous. Our training sessions are designed to be dynamic, interactive, and fun. We steer clear of the conventional “death by PowerPoint” approach, sparing participants from long, text-heavy presentations. Instead, we employ various engaging techniques, activities, and discussions to keep participants actively involved throughout the training.
High-Energy Delivery (with some humour added in to)
We recognise the power of humour in fostering a positive learning environment. Our trainers bring a high-energy, light-hearted approach to their delivery, infusing humour and relatability into the training content. This not only keeps participants entertained but also enhances their receptiveness to the material. By making the learning experience enjoyable, we ensure that participants are more likely to remember and apply the concepts they learn.
Memorable Content
Our focus is on ensuring that the knowledge and skills imparted during the training stick with participants long after the session ends. Through our engaging and humour infused delivery, we create a memorable experience that makes the content more accessible and easier to retain. This approach contributes to better knowledge retention and increased application of learning in real-world scenarios.
Accredited and Non-Accredited Training
SRM Training offers a diverse range of training options to cater to different needs. Whether participants are seeking accredited certifications or non-accredited skill development, we provide tailored solutions. This flexibility allows organisations and individuals to choose the training programs that align with their specific goals and requirements.
Bespoke Topics
We understand that each organisation’s training needs can vary widely. That’s why we offer bespoke training solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Our trainers work closely with organisations to design and deliver training sessions that address specific challenges and opportunities within the realms of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality (HSEQ), and Facilities Management (FM).
Comprehensive Coverage
SRM Training covers a wide spectrum of topics within the HSEQ and FM domains. Our training programs encompass various aspects of health, safety, environmental, quality, and facilities management. This comprehensive coverage ensures that participants gain a well-rounded understanding of these critical areas, empowering them to make informed decisions and contribute positively to their workplaces.
In summary, SRM Training takes a refreshing and effective approach to on-site training by prioritising engagement, enjoyment, and lasting impact. Through high-energy, humoured delivery, we create memorable learning experiences that equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the fields of HSEQ and FM. Whether it’s accredited, non-accredited, or bespoke training, we are committed to delivering valuable and engaging training solutions that make a difference.


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